Coming Events:

Next Sunday (October 15) we are holding the next ‘Lunch and Discussion’ after worship.  These meetings (with light lunch provided) are to help the Canonical Committee gather information for use in preparing the Parish Profile and in the process of interviewing the priests that apply for the role of Rector.  It’s really important that everyone participates in these opportunities to share your own perspective.  Part of the role of the Canonical Committee is to prepare a Parish Profile that introduces the parish to priests who might be interested in applying to the bishop for the role of your new Rector.  The profile is intended to give the reader a sense of who the parish is – what St. Alban’s particular strengths and challenges are, and the ways you hope the ministry here can grow and improve in the future.   This month the discussion topic is “What do you love about St. Alban’s.”  This gathering will focus on what the parish’s strengths are and what is great about this parish.  So plan on being here with your positive mindset engaged ready to talk about what you love about St. Alban’s!

St. Alban’s Annual Harvest Dinner – Saturday, October 21st, at 5:30 pm. 
It’s time again for the annual Harvest Dinner.  Come and enjoy a delicious dinner and great fellowship.  This is a great family friendly event – children under 12 come free and youth tickets are only $6. Invite your friends and neighbours to join us!  Tickets are available on Sundays from Sheila Bush or Charlotte Culver or contact Lizz in the office (604-522-4363).  Adults – $12.50; Youth – $6.00; Children under 12 are free.

Way of Discernment Study.  The meetings for the Way of Discernment study group will begin on October 22nd.  If you yearn to hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life or are seeking God’s will in matters of belief, ethics and faithful living then this study is for you!  The daily exercises will take 15 or 20 minutes a day and we’ll meet for an hour a week to support each other in strengthening our spiritual discernment.  If you want to join the study and haven’t got a Participants Guide book then let me (Roberta) know as soon as possible and I will bring more guides in.  The cost is $20.  If you have already picked up your book please have a look and check if you have picked up the Leader’s Guide by mistake. 

Upcoming Fundraisers

There are a couple of new fundraisers that are being organized in the next couple of months.  Stay tuned for more info but here are some dates for your calendar:

Saturday, November 4th – Trivia Night.  Lots of fellowship and fun and a chance to use all that trivia you know!

Saturday, November 25th – St. Alban’s “Christmas High Tea”. 

We need your participation …. We are looking for volunteers to join in the various ministries of the parish.  Churches need the participation of all the members in order to be vital and healthy.  So if you aren’t currently involved in any of the various ministries of the parish consider which one you might be able to join.  There are many, many opportunities to support the work of God through this parish including:

Reading scripture during worship, Choir, Sidespeople, Greeters, Servers (carrying the cross etc.), Counters (counting the money put onto the offering plate on Sundays), helpers for the children’s ministry in the Sunday School, helpers for the Youth Group (there must always be another adult with Lauren and the youth), Intercessors (the prayers during the service), Prayer Companions (after the service), hospitality, cleaning the church, Altar Guild etc., etc. 

Everything that happens here at St. Alban’s is the result of many people giving of their time and energy and working together.  If you think you have the ability to participate in any of the various ministries of the parish then please talk to Roberta or one of the Wardens or the organizer of that ministry (if you know who that is).  Together we can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine!